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VIDEO: Understanding the Transition Shower™
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The Transition Shower™ is designed to restore safety, independence and comfort back into showering.
Frank Gucciardo
Mr. Frank Gucciardo has been designing solutions for families dealing with major health challenges for over 16 years.

The Transition Shower™ - Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How does the water stay in the tub?
The flat surface of the cut is about 2” above where the floor meets the side wall. The drain stopper is disengaged so unless you have a clogged drain and let the water fill up about 2” – 3” the water will not pour out of the tub.

2. How long does this take to complete?
The Certified installer will complete the Transition Shower in one full day. The tub will need about 24 hours dry so you must refrain from using it until a day after the installer is finished.

3. Are you replacing my whole bathtub?
No. The existing bathtub is modified.

4. How high is the step into the shower
That depends on the shape of the tub and the location of the new opening. It can vary from 4-6” off the finished floor.

5. Can any bathtub be modified?
Any fiberglass, steel or cast iron tub can be cut down. If you have a Jacuzzi tub with air or water lines, then further examination by the certified installer would be needed.

6. Does the Transition Shower have a door on it?
No. That is a totally separate product.
7. What happens to my shower doors? Can they stay?
No. Your glass doors come down and a shower rod goes up. You will need to pick out a liner and a new shower curtain. The liner and curtain must be hung after the paint on your bathtub has dried.

8. What color is the area of the new cut out?
The panels that we use are white and cannot be painted. If the tub is white, most people will think you bought the tub with the cut in it. If the tub is any color but white, there will be about a 1” white trim around the cut out.

9. Will this bar move when I use it:
No. The bar has an easy to use locking mechanism that will not allow the bar to move while in use.

10. Is there any other color other than white?
No. White only at this time.

11. How big/wide is the opening
18” wide.