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Walk-in Tub Options
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Walk-in Shower and Walk-in Bathtub Comparisons

The Benefits vs Concerns of Walk-in Tubs
Bathtubs for seniors and those impacted by mobility issues have concerns which many of us do not consider.
a. Taking a bath safely
A walk-in bathtub can provide seniors a safe and secure way to bathe themselves because of its intrinsic design. Walk-in tubs are usually made with a seat and sturdy walls or bars for holding on.
b. Bathing Independently
A walk-in bathtub can provide independence and privacy when bathing. A caregiver may not be necessary to assist when a walk-in tub can support the person bathing.
c. Ease of Access
A walk-in bathtub has a lower threshold for entry and gives those who have problems lifting their legs or bodies an easier access.
d. Need More Hot Water
A walk-in bathtub depending on the size of the walk-in tub may need extra water to fill the tub and a longer wait time to bathe while filling.
e. Possible full bathroom renovation
A walk-in bathtub most likely will require a full bathroom renovation and the variables associated in any home improvement project.

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The TubCut vs. the Walk-in-Tub:
Scope of work and cost differences

Most people when they call looking for a walk-in-tub are not aware of the cost of the product itself as well as all of the incidental costs associated with the installation of a walk-in-tub.

On average, you are going to invest anywhere from $4,600.00 - $6,500.00 for a quality walk-in-tub without any extra features or color upgrades. A fully loaded walk-in-tub with air and Jacuzzi features will set you back just short of $10,000.00 and that is to have the unit delivered to your driveway. This figure does not include installation, new shower fixtures, tile work, etc., all of which need to added onto the price

Then on top of that some of the incidental costs that most people do not factor into the job would include the following:
1. Since these walk-in-tubs require upwards of around 75 gallons of water to fill up, you will most likely require a larger hot water tank to be installed in order to have a hot bath.
2. The walk-in-tubs are typically 30” wide and if your door is, like most in the NYC/Long Island area, 24” wide, then the door will need to be widened in order for the walk-in-tub to fit inside the bathroom. If you have tile on the walls, electric switches and especially older plaster walls in the way, you will certainly have an issue on your hands.
3. If you opt for the air and Jacuzzi features then you will have to factor in some electric work as well.

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